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Sashash Ulz / Kot Kot ‎– Split

Artist: Sashash Ulz / Kot Kot
Album: Split
Year: 2011
Style: Drone/Experimental
Country: Russland
Format: mp3 AVG 211 kbps
Size: 64 Mb

Sashash Ulz:
01 ''_''''_ / 02 ''''_'' / 03 ''_'''''''
Kot Kot:
04 16 январа / 05 16 январара / 06 22 январа / 07 22 январара / 08 8 январа
Total time: 43'22"

There's definetely something very good going on in the music scene of Republic of Karelia in northwest Russia and this tape is a good proof of that. Sashash Ulz's side is all lo-fi new age music, very simple and so very beautiful. Like a drift that you wish would never end. кот кот manages to create something even more simple, even primitive, with what appears to be acoustic instruments and some effects. Simplicity is beauty, and that's what this tape is all about. White tapes with a sticker in fabric envelopes with an insert. Limited to 49 copies.


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