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Ryr ‎– Весной 117

Artist: Ryr
Album: Весной 117
Year: 2006
Style: Martial Industrial/Power Electronics
Country: Russland
Format: mp3-320
Size: 96 Mb

1 Кровь И Пепел (Blood And Ashes) / 2 В Сердце (In Heart) / 3 Ожидание Войны (Expectation Of War) / 4 Дым Над Европой (Smoke Above Europe) / 5 Шёпот Ветра (Whisper Of A Wind) / 6 Подснежники (Snowdrops) / 7 117 г. от р. А.Г. / 8 Последняя Весна (Last Spring)
Total Time: 46'17"

The New chapter from RYR. War... Emptyness... Despair... Hope... A fog... Blood... A sight... A history... Fall... 117 steps... Downwards... 46 minutes of new experience martial atmosphere for the people which should know something greater and probably more terrible. An ambiguity of a situation stand doomed and fury, necessity to kill passes in a sole opportunity of existence. Deviation as a sight in eternal existence. The monuments remember it... In the musical plan album is very much different and sated. Distorted noise, military rhythms, ritual pulsatios, ambient landscapes. Besides classical for RYR smples here you will hear apocalyptic poetry on French, Russian, German, Swedish... The album begins with a vigorous hymn of "Union of the German girl", gradually drowned in shots, shouts and cry he comes to an end magnificent Grig's "Last Spring". ltd.117


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  1. Could you reupload this? Sorry to see you also have experienced the mediafail disaster, they deleted my old account as well.

    Zippyshare, Depositfiles and Yandex seem to be pretty good at the moment.