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A.A.Kibanov ‎– Drynk-Drynk Post-Rock

Artist: A.A.Kibanov
Album: Drynk-Drynk Post-Rock
Year: 2009
Style: lo-fi/Acoustic/Experimental
Country: Russland
Format: mp3 VBR 187 kbps
Size: 18 Mb

1 I'm Beautiful Noiser And I Drynk-Drynk Post-Rock / 2 I'm Just Droner / 3 Drynk-Drynk Post-Rock / 4 It's Will Be Better Than Balalaika Noise / 5 When I Recording Not Drone But Something Such / 6 When I Recording Not Drone But Something Such 2 / 7 No, Really This Is Cover On Most Short Song Of Napalm Death Without Words / 8 Fuck This Noise / 9 What Strings Will Tell / 10 live @ kvartira 19.03.2009

One-track tape rip. Somnambulistic experiments on an acoustic guitar with rare vocal and also some comments of the author living in closed city in the Chelyabinsk area. Lo-end post-rock, differently it >0< - "the Autumn has come", but without pipes. It is issued in rough deformed from a moisture envelopes. A limit 20.


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