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ЯО 91404 Д ‎– Фотокор

Artist: ЯО 91404 Д
Album: Фотокор
Year: 2011
Style: Industrial/Musique Concrète
Country: Russland
Format: mp3-320
Size: 116 Mb

1 Zatochka Instrumenta / 2 Buduschie Stalevary / 3 Gasholder / 4 Experimentalnoe Pole Akademika Lysenko / 5 Express / 6 Bolshol Ferganskiy Kanal / 7 ZAGI. Hydrokanal
Total time: 34'09"

The result of three year work, new full-length album of YAO 91404 D "Photocore" consists of a collection of seven archive Soviet photographs from the times of industrialisation, and soundtracks for them. Field recordings made in workshops and fields, railroads and under water, clanks and drones of metal constructions, steel rhythms, roar of motors and abrasive rasps, atmospheric pieces of folk and academic music. Locomotive operation and recording of it's sound on the 5th track done by the machinist, coal heaver and musician Sergey Gabbasov (Bardo, Vazhes). Retrograde, mostly analogue sound. Handmade 12-page photo album, separate disk for each track. [press-release]


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