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We are mirrored some releases there + new coming soon. Ok, just test it, e-mail me, if you can't download something.

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Ok, We're re-new some releases that we can. Sorry for waitting. Fuck off the medafire again. Shittest host I knows.
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SudanStrain / Tchernoblyad / Indra - Pop Exremism/Power Electronics

Artist: SudanStrain / Tchernoblyad / Indra
Album: Pop Exremism/Power Electronics [split]
Year: 2006
Style: Power Electronics/Noise
Country: Russland
Format: mp3-256
Size: 93 Mb

A1 SudanStrain - Pink Effluvium / A2 SudanStrain - Pharmaceutical Ecstasy / A3 Tchernoblyad - Bipedalism / B1 Indra - Untitled / B2 Indra - Untitled / B3 Indra - Untitled
Total time: 50' 53"

3-way split tape of promising Russian power electronics projects. SudanStrain presented one exclusive track dedicated to Russian pop music and one archive track from the period of "HA PP ERA VEY!". First track of SudanStrain is a collaged/mixed material taken from the CD with Russian pop songs, second track is taken from the archive material. The result is knocking-out-the-brains power material different from both "HA PP ERA VEY!" and split with Narrowmind. Tchernoblyad will gladden the listeners who swiftly lose human face with pithecanthropoid suite in 3 parts inspired by the new film by Evgeny Yufit "Orthogradity". Disgustingly recorded dirty retarded power electronics with radionoise. Indra chose for the split 3 masterly done tracks of different heaviness degree, down to the elements of dark ambient in the 3rd composition. Handmade artwork from paper and flizeline. [label info]


Nevod - Starogo Sveta Zakon

Artist: Nevod
Album: Starogo Sveta Zakon
Year: 2013
Style: Martial Industrial/Dark Ambient
Country: Uzbekistan
Format: mp3-320
Size: 116 Mb

1. Besi / 2. Mausoleum / 3. Dolg Vechnogo Vozvrashenia / 4. Alleya Bezsoznatelnogo / 5. Mogilnij Zhir / 6. Mera Otstupnichestva / 7. Lektorium Quest
Total time: 50' 30"


Infogsomnia / Schwargleis / Vrezremathur / Kodreanu / Phonophobia - Split

Artist: Infogsomnia / Schwargleis / Vrezremathur / Kodreanu / Phonophobia
Album: Split
Year: 2012
Style: Noise/Ambient
Country: Russland
Format: mp3-320
Size: 80 Mb

Infogsomnia: 1. Carnageval / Schwargleis: 2. Ледник / 3. 000 / 4. Bronze / Vrezremathur: 5. Invocation / 6. Way / Kodreanu: 7. 17 / 8. Provisional Government / Phonophobia: 9. Funeral Ship
Total time: 47' 42"


воскресенье, 24 февраля 2013 г.

Ryr feat. Morbus Mundi ‎– Гиперборея :Gibur:

Artist: Ryr feat. Morbus Mundi
Album: Гиперборея :Gibur:
Year: 2008
Style: Martial Industrial/Dark Ambient/Noise
Country: Russland
Format: mp3-320
Size: 75 Mb

1 Вечность В Течении Времени / 2 АГАРТИ / Остров Блеска / 3 Лед Враг Огня / 4 Свет Полярного Года / 5 108 Einherjer / 6 Огонь Sat-Ur-No / 7 Солнце За Солнцем / 8 Полдень / 9 Ур-нордические Символы Небес
Total time: 38' 58"

Synergy of Polar Light-blue blood continues a road internal astral war of Hitler's era. The gods of 3-rd Reich have woken up and wait to put a correct question, to say a correct word, to find magic hyperborean sound. RYR this time together with the Tver project of a mystical fascism MORBUS MUNDI has presented a picture of creation of other spheres and other planes through a prism martial industrial, ritual noise, dark ambient, techno trance. The roaring and bewitching dance of ancient ice strums magic melodies skipping and rotating crosses whistle in air, the thunder and lightning is pulled out from luminous blood.
Shvabian side of ANTARKTIDA send to Ultima Thule on North and before us "secret ground" - HYPERBOREA. The place, where all will begin from a beginning.
"Hyperboreans, the White Gods, once will be from the Internal Earth, or will come back from stars on Bird-like Snake, on Gold Eagle in the Condor's Century, or on White Horse. They will arrive to direct us in the end of Kali Yuga and to specify a correct direction, that the terrestrial axis has come again in a correct rule, in stand after the events, which have shaken the world, with which this comes to an end of Manvatara, this consisting from four aeons a space age. The poles will be then are again united"


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Various ‎– Sunhands

Artist: Various
Album: Sunhands
Year: 2008
Style: Drone/Ambient/Industrial
Country: Russland
Format: mp3-320
Size: 110 Mb

1 Fanum – Untitled / 2 Adriva – Untitled / 3 Yao 91404 D – Untitled / 4 Sub Figura – Pentagram / 5 Vladimir Epifantsev – Untitled / 6 Invisible Hand – Untitled
Total time: 48' 00"