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Koivunmahla ‎– Kuolli Ellyavia Ei Tie

Artist: Koivunmahla
Album: Kuolli Ellyavia Ei Tie
Year: 2001
Style: Field Recordings/Industrial/Ambient
Country: Russland
Format: mp3-320
Size: 106 Mb

Tracklist: 19 untitled tracks
Total time: 47'23"

Recorded in 22.12.2000/26.12.2000 in Ingria. Side-project of Lunar Abyss Deus Organum. Released on Стрелы Перуна in 2001 cs and CDr. Re-issue on Kalen Ven 23 ltd. ed.
 Release name on english: "Birch Syrup - Dead and alive can't follow the same way"


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